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Visions Special Hair Care
Luxe Natural Hair
Visions Luxe Installations (Sew In)
Visions Quick weave / extensions
Vision Color Me
Lavish Microlinks / Tape In
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90 min


Indulge in the Visions Luxe hair massage experience. Our expert team offers a gentle shampoo massage, deep conditioner, and a luxurious blow-dry to leave you feeling pampered and looking fabulous.

120 min


Experience the confidence and allure of a perfectly customized unit with our Glueless Quick Unit service.

15 min


Get the ideal braid down for your flawless hair extensions.

15 min


Experience the versatility of our Sew'n extensions/weave tracks add'n service.

180 min


Get Stylish & Protected Hair with Crochet Braids w/ individuals. Our stylists will provide a wash, conditioning, & a precision cut to enhance your new look.

15 min


Restore the beauty of your wig with our professional Wig Repair service.    

15 min


Maintain your luscious hair with our Visions Hair Trim service. Recommended every 6-8 weeks.

60 min


Enhance your look with our flawless Upart Wig InstallĀ  / Natural Lace Closure service.

45 min


Our Luxe Wash / Steam Hydration service. Cocktailed with a vegan masque, your hair will be pampered.

15 min


Indulge in the ultimate hair pampering experience with our Luxe Wash & Condition hair service.