Lavish Microlinks / Tape In

15 min


Our skilled stylists create a flat surface on your scalp, allowing the extensions to be seamlessly interwoven for a secure and comfortable fit.

105 min


Maintain your microlinks with our Lavish Microlink Extensions retouch service. It includes a wash & conditioning treatment to ensure your hair stays healthy.

300 min


Our Lavish Tape In Hair Extensions package includes a wash, steam hydration with protein treatment, cocktail treatments, smoothing options at no extra cost, a trim, and a stylish finish.

45 min


Luxe Color Hair Extensions. Transform your hair with customized hues for a truly personalized style.

300 min


Experience a flawless hair transformation with our Microlinks Hair Extensions service. Achieve a natural-looking style that seamlessly blends with your own hair.

120 min


Whether you're ready for a new style or simply seeking a change, our Microlinks Removal service frees your hair from extensions.